Trainer Lindsey (Moxie by Lindsey)
November 2020

How We Helped Trainer Lindsey Grow to 5X Sales in 1 Month with ZERO Ad Spend!

Trainer Lindsey built an excellent following by pumping out regular content. However, she struggled to get her audience to actually purchase her products. By harnessing the power of strategic organic strategies, followed by strategic paid social campaigns, we were able to successfully convert her audience members and new people to her brand into paying clients.


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Trainer Lindsey (Moxie by Lindsey)

Project Overview

Before approaching our team, Lindsey produced valuable and positive content. The problem was that this content wasn’t motivating her followers to become clients. On average, she was converting about five paid clients every five weeks. This came out to hours and hours spent creating and editing her social content, only to draw in a handful of new clients each month. Ultimately, Lindsey felt like she was spinning her wheels when it came to reaching her income goals. She knew she could do more, she just wasn’t sure how. Lindsey’s problem boiled down to two main hurdles:

  • Lindsey was pumping out a fair bit of content, but had no strategy behind it.
  • Lindsey needed a strategic plan put in place, one that would convert her followers into paying clients.
  • Expanding her overall audience to more than people who already knew who she was through paid advertising.


The ROAR team created a curated content calendar for Lindsey, following our in-house content strategy, The OODA Method™ and implemented a robust paid social strategy. We compiled our strategy with four primary goals in mind:

  • First, we wanted to monetize Lindsey’s following by providing massive value.
  • Second, we wanted to find a way to scale the Trainer Lindsey brand with zero initial ad spend.
  • Third, we needed to create meaningful content through The OODA Method™.
  • Finally, we wanted to capitalize on her engaging content and pump it to the masses through paid advertising.


With just a few tweaks, we produced some astonishing results. In just 30 days, Trainer Lindsey brought in 27 new clients with no advertising budget: Simply by following our strategic content plan, Lindsey capitalized on the opportunities present in her audience. That was it! By relying on content we created with The OODA Method™, Lindsey’s organic marketing strategy exploded overnight. And those 27 new clients were just the beginning!

We spent the next few months perfecting Lindsey’s organic client acquisition efforts. When we were ready, we opened the floodgates through digital advertising. Lindsey’s Facebook ads attained incredible ROI. $64,000 in ad spend generated more than $268,000 in net revenue and more than $520,000 in combined organic and paid efforts. The best part? It only took us 180 days to do it!

Our strategy boiled down to three simple steps:

  • First, we built a base with our organic strategies.
  • Second, we monetized her current following.
  • Third, we flipped the switch on paid media--and immediately saw outstanding results!

By changing Lindsey’s mindset with a few strategic tweaks, the ROAR team transformed the Trainer Lindsey brand’s approach to organic content marketing.


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"1764 programs sold at $10 in 16 hours and the website was down for 2 hours!"

Britnee Babe


Owner, BrittneBabe Fitness

"Our campaign was apparently the best they ever had in terms of getting calls scheduled. It totally took off, and we had to ask them to slow down!! They even helped us on our messaging and sales scripting! We are SO thankful we didn't go with the other guys. Highly recommend them!"

Shane & Karmen

Shane & Karmen

Owners, Flipping Houses Simplified

“These guys get RESULTS! Have been working with Divulge for a while now and cannot say enough about how happy I am with their marketing. They took the time to understand my product, my needs, and then presented a strategy that fit within my budget.  I have seen such good response to their marketing that I've increased my monthly budget and couldn't be happier”



Owner, XCEL Fitness

"Working with Divulge Marketing has been one of the best choices I've made!



Owner, SoulPower Wellness

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