Dr. Venus
September 2019

How We Sold Out Dr. Venus’ Book Tour with 11.8X ROI!

Dr. Venus, also known as VenusOpal, is a self-made multimillionaire and self-described “miracle manifester” with an incredible story. She distilled her life lessons into an excellent book, then planned a tour to promote the new book. The only problem? She struggled to fill seats at her events. Although Dr. Venus had a one-of-a-kind product and a compelling story to tell, she didn’t have a clearly defined audience online—and this was impacting ticket sales.


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“We went from having only 47 clients show up... to bringing in over $120k! If you're looking for a partner, I would highly recommend ROAR. They're amazing, kind, and people of integrity.”

Dr. Venus
Owner, The Black Woman Millionaire

Project Overview

Before working with ROAR, Dr. Venus had a problem on her hands. She knew she had an excellent offer, a fantastic new book, and a mission, but when it came to actually filling seats at her events, there seemed to be a major disconnect between Dr. Venus and her online audience. The problem wasn’t that she didn’t have an online presence (Dr. Venus was and is still known for her butt-kicking online persona), but rather that her current audience wasn’t converting—and the people who DID attend her in-person events weren’t qualified leads to up-sell for her coaching programs. By the time we started working with Dr. Venus, we were under a major time crunch to get people in seats for the event dates. We knew we had two main hurdles to take care of:

  • Dr. Venus had a fantastic personality, brand, and offering (in both her new book and her coaching programs), but she didn’t have a defined target audience to present the offer to.
  • We needed to figure out WHO Dr. Venus’s ideal audience was, build a consumer base through social media, and then leverage that social media presence to fill seats for the book tour.


Knowing we were short on time, the ROAR team jumped into action, focusing on three main goals: 

  • First, we needed to find out who made up Dr. Venus’s ideal audience and learn as much about them as possible. 
  • Second, we needed to develop a consumer base, which we planned to do by developing Dr. Venus’s brand and presence on Facebook.
  • Finally, we needed to use scaled, high-velocity advertising strategies to get the word out about Dr. Venus’s events as quickly as possible, as well as to bring in qualified leads who could learn more about coaching programs at the live events.


With the event dates right around the corner, we got right down to work. We started by taking a look at what we already had: Dr. Venus’s audience on social media and through her mailing list. We examined what was working and what wasn’t—Dr. Venus’s captivating message drew in tons of traffic, but only a small portion of that audience was made up of qualified leads who might convert to paying clients. Based on what we found, we developed a target profile of Dr. Venus’s ideal client, then set about building our strategies to reach as many people who fit that profile as possible. 

We built out Dr. Venus’s Facebook presence, focusing on packaging her message in easy-to-share and easy-to-digest posts, conversations, and ads. We launched a series of Facebook ads, aimed first at generating “likes” for her Facebook page, then targeted to show the value of Dr. Venus’s offer to this new audience. Over the next few weeks, we tested a series of ads with a variety of goals and audience targets. Once we were happy with the results we found, we upped the Facebook advertising budget and rolled out campaigns solely dedicated to the book tour. Event sales began pouring in through Facebook, and by the end of the tour, Dr. Venus had made more than $100,000. 

Our strategy came down to three simple steps:

  • First, we analyzed the audience we already had to find out what was working and what wasn’t. 
  • Second, we expanded Dr. Venus’s audience with targeted advertising strategies and testing.
  • Third, we launched an advertising campaign specifically for Dr. Venus’s live events, and watched the ticket sales pour in!

By developing what Dr. Venus already had and taking an analytical approach to understanding her target audience, we capitalized on Dr. Venus’s proven work to scale her brand.


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Just a few kind words from a handful of our amazing clients!

"1764 programs sold at $10 in 16 hours and the website was down for 2 hours!"

Britnee Babe


Owner, BrittneBabe Fitness

"Our campaign was apparently the best they ever had in terms of getting calls scheduled. It totally took off, and we had to ask them to slow down!! They even helped us on our messaging and sales scripting! We are SO thankful we didn't go with the other guys. Highly recommend them!"

Shane & Karmen

Shane & Karmen

Owners, Flipping Houses Simplified

“These guys get RESULTS! Have been working with Divulge for a while now and cannot say enough about how happy I am with their marketing. They took the time to understand my product, my needs, and then presented a strategy that fit within my budget.  I have seen such good response to their marketing that I've increased my monthly budget and couldn't be happier”



Owner, XCEL Fitness

"Working with Divulge Marketing has been one of the best choices I've made!



Owner, SoulPower Wellness

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