Dr. Bertha McCants (Dr. B)
November 2020

How We Brought In Almost 500 Leads In One Month for Dr. B!

Dr. Bertha McCants—the one and only Dr. B—is the leader behind Change Your Narrative University and Educator to Entrepreneur, mentorship and leadership programs designed to help past educators find financial independence after retirement. Dr. B’s model relied on generating leads for her online courses, asking prospects to schedule a call with her, and then matching her leads to the proper online training. The issue was that she wasn’t sure how to start that process: The sales funnel itself was functional, but Dr. B struggled to introduce leads into the funnel in the first place.


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"Guess What! I just got the first superintendent to schedule a call. She is still full time and looking to retire next year. DREAM Client!"

Dr. Bertha McCants (Dr. B)
Owner, Change Your Narrative

Project Overview

Dr. B got her start as an educational administrator. When she retired from the education world, she built a name for herself as an online course sales expert. Then, she realized it was time to combine her two loves by teaching others how to build their businesses. Her systems and online courses were in great condition—the challenge was getting leads into her sales funnel. We knew it was time to develop a scalable method to generate leads in order to enroll more students in Dr. B’s Educator to Entrepreneur course. We zeroed in on two main issues: 

  • Dr. B already had a functional sales funnel, but there weren’t enough leads falling into it to create scalable conversion rates.
  • Part of the problem here was that Dr. B hadn’t figured out her ideal audience, so we set our sights on building out Dr. B’s consumer base and perfecting her offer to appeal to this new audience.


Dr. B already had her online courses up and running. What she needed was a guaranteed source of leads. Based on the systems Dr. B already had in place, we developed a plan: 

  • First, we needed to analyze Dr. B’s audience to find what was working and what wasn’t, and create a larger consumer base.
  • Second, we needed to build and perfect a sales funnel that would drive potential students to schedule calls with Dr. B and ultimately enroll in her eight-week course. 
  • Finally, we needed to create ads that would drive leads into that sales funnel in the first place!


For Dr. B, the struggle was not to perfect the services, but rather to build a funnel around Dr. B’s unique offer that drove in qualified traffic. Dr. B had generated some leads with past methods—enough to build a thriving business!—but had not yet figured out how to scale that sales process. That’s where ROAR came in!  

We started by running a full audience analysis to take a closer look at who was most likely to travel the full length of Dr. B’s sales funnel. We discovered that Dr. B wasn’t serving her advertisements to the “right” audience. And once we realized we needed to shift to a different target, we were able to adjust Dr. B’s strategy accordingly. We tested a wide range of audiences and used our findings to design an opt-in page around Dr. B’s free intro webinar. Then, we advertised the webinar itself and used the landing page to generate leads. These leads headed into Dr. B’s funnel, and over the first 30 days we pulled in 494 leads and 53 scheduled calls! 

Our strategy came down to three simple steps:

  • First, we identified the disconnect between Dr. B and her audience—she wasn’t targeting the right people, so her ads were not converting.
  • Second, we used ROAR’s proprietary, high-velocity testing strategies to build Dr. B’s consumer base, and adjusted her sales funnel accordingly to meet this new audience. 
  • Finally, we dialed in our ads to address that new target market, and adjusted the sales funnel while we scaled the budget, resulting in significant leads in the first month alone.

Dr. B’s business model works because she shows entrepreneurs like her how to build a business that lasts. ROAR’s business model works because we help entrepreneurs like Dr. B develop sales strategies that support lasting growth. It’s a win-win-win!


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"1764 programs sold at $10 in 16 hours and the website was down for 2 hours!"

Britnee Babe


Owner, BrittneBabe Fitness

"Our campaign was apparently the best they ever had in terms of getting calls scheduled. It totally took off, and we had to ask them to slow down!! They even helped us on our messaging and sales scripting! We are SO thankful we didn't go with the other guys. Highly recommend them!"

Shane & Karmen

Shane & Karmen

Owners, Flipping Houses Simplified

“These guys get RESULTS! Have been working with Divulge for a while now and cannot say enough about how happy I am with their marketing. They took the time to understand my product, my needs, and then presented a strategy that fit within my budget.  I have seen such good response to their marketing that I've increased my monthly budget and couldn't be happier”



Owner, XCEL Fitness

"Working with Divulge Marketing has been one of the best choices I've made!



Owner, SoulPower Wellness

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