February 2020

How A Few Tweaks Turned BrittneBabe Into A $100K/Month Brand!

Brittne, the fitness guru behind, had a wonderful collection of products but felt that sales weren’t meeting her expectations. She consistently brought in new customers, but at a pace that felt like a crawl. She’d tried Facebook ads, but saw no performance—People simply weren’t responding to her ads. There was obviously a disconnect here, and especially given the high quality of Brittne’s fitness programs, we knew there had to be opportunities for improvement.


Audience Analysis, Custom Funnel Build, User Experience Analysis, Facebook Ads, High-Velocity Testing


Facebook, Custom landing pages, and eCommerce sites

Ad Spend

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Return On Ad Spend

"9,358 sales from a $30,770 ad spend – resulting in $133,656 in revenue with an average cost per sale of $3.29!"

Influencer & Owner, BrittneBabe

Project Overview

Over the years at ROAR, we’ve worked with SO many clients who know they have something amazing to offer, but haven’t quite figured out how to take their businesses to the next level. Brittne was no different. Her products were fantastic—a high-quality range of fitness videos and training programs designed to be part of a collaborative online community for women. Sales were consistent, but slow. Brittne had experimented with Facebook Ads in the past, but hadn’t seen much success. People simply weren’t interacting with the advertisements, and on the rare occasion that Brittne got a purchase from Facebook, the cost of obtaining that purchase was more than the actual cost of the product. The issue wasn’t the business model—The issue was figuring out how to scale it to true success. We set our sights on fixing Brittne’s two biggest problems: 

  • Brittne had great products on offer, but didn’t have the right online audience to bring in purchases at a scalable rate.
  • Brittne knew there was a huge opportunity in Facebook advertising, but based on her budget and the price of her services, we needed to keep the total cost per purchase below $12.


We had a plan, and we knew what we needed to do. As we dove into Brittne’s new advertising strategy, we developed a three-step process: 

  • First, we completed an in-depth audit of Brittne’s current Facebook presence and advertising strategy—that’s when we discovered that Brittne was sending her ads to the wrong people.  
  • Second, we took what we learned and implemented a very targeted Facebook strategy, increasing sales while also keeping the cost per purchase under $12.
  • Finally, before going live with any campaign rollout, we completed a full “secret shop” of the user experience to ensure the funnel itself and the buyer journey were ready for conversions.


The biggest disconnect for Brittne was reaching the right people with her online advertising. Like many of our clients, Brittne had tried Facebook Ads in the past but was unimpressed with her results. The interactions were extremely low, and the average cost per purchase skyrocketed far past a reasonable dollar figure for the price point of her products. We tasked ourselves with scaling Brittne’s business while keeping the cost per purchase below $12. Once we found a system that worked, we planned to scale it for consistent, exponential growth. 

To do this, we focused first on analyzing Brittne’s past Facebook Ads. We completed a full top-down audit on all of Brittne’s advertising strategies, examining her audience for opportunities to improve. What we discovered was that Brittne needed an entirely new audience: She was targeting the wrong people. We developed a better audience for her brand, then devoted Brittne’s advertising budget to targeting those people. While we worked on building and reaching that audience, we completed user experience audits to guarantee that our new sales funnel and Brittne’s established buyer journey were ready for conversions. When we felt the time was right, we pumped up the Facebook Ad budget and watched the purchases grow practically overnight. 

Our strategy came down to three simple steps:

  • First, we completed an in-depth audit of Brittne’s current and past advertising strategies.
  • Second, we developed an entirely new target audience for BrittneBabe, and began rolling out ads that spoke to the right people. 
  • Third, working off our initial results and our findings from frequent “secret shopper” audits of Brittne’s sales funnel and buyer journey, we added budget to our Facebook campaigns and watched the sales scale faster than Brittne ever imagined. 

Before coming to ROAR, Brittne was barely breaking even. With just a few simple tweaks, we turned BrittneBabe into a business that rakes in more than $100K every month. Today, is a successful, thriving fitness empire that helps transform the lives of thousands of women—and ROAR helped the brand get there.


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Just a few kind words from a handful of our amazing clients!

"1764 programs sold at $10 in 16 hours and the website was down for 2 hours!"

Britnee Babe


Owner, BrittneBabe Fitness

"Our campaign was apparently the best they ever had in terms of getting calls scheduled. It totally took off, and we had to ask them to slow down!! They even helped us on our messaging and sales scripting! We are SO thankful we didn't go with the other guys. Highly recommend them!"

Shane & Karmen

Shane & Karmen

Owners, Flipping Houses Simplified

“These guys get RESULTS! Have been working with Divulge for a while now and cannot say enough about how happy I am with their marketing. They took the time to understand my product, my needs, and then presented a strategy that fit within my budget.  I have seen such good response to their marketing that I've increased my monthly budget and couldn't be happier”



Owner, XCEL Fitness

"Working with Divulge Marketing has been one of the best choices I've made!



Owner, SoulPower Wellness

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