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The Importance of High-Velocity Marketing

How can high-velocity marketing help you transform the efficiency of your marketing strategies? What is the connection between bringing your message and putting out content to attracting clients? When should you start working with paid advertising? In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with Dallin Cottle on the Importance of High-Velocity Marketing. In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with Dallin Cottle on the Importance of High-Velocity Marketing.

Meet Dallin Cottle

A photo of Dallin Cottle is captured on the Marketing A Practice Podcast. He is the founder of ROAR Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in high-velocity marketing. Dallin speaks with Sam Carvalho about the importance of high velocity marketing.

Dallin Cottle is the founder of ROAR Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in high-velocity marketing. Dallin ditched his safe corporate marketing job and started his entrepreneurial journey in a little condo using expo markers on a window as his whiteboard. Since then he has grown ROAR Media from one plucky guy with a baby in one arm and his cell phone in the other, to a multifaceted, high-velocity Digital Marketing Agency attracting clients such as the US Air Force.

ROAR offers the standard agency services that help businesses grow, but what sets them apart is ROAR Academy where Dallin teaches entrepreneurs everything they need to know to grow their business through digital marketing. His passion for working with entrepreneurs that are just starting out and helping them grow makes him unique within the digital marketing space.

Dallin is never satisfied with the status quo and pushes himself and others to their limits to create positive transformation for his family, businesses, country, and his faith. His goal is to help business leaders grow their brands using digital marketing and build a better future for all through entrepreneurial pursuits

In This Podcast

  • What is high-velocity marketing?
  • Bring your message
  • When should you start running ads?

What is high-velocity marketing?

When I talk about high-velocity marketing, I talk about getting seriously uncomfortable. If you are afraid to do Facebook Live, you gotta do Facebook Live because it’s the next thing. With high-velocity marketing, it really removes all the barriers where you only get to do the most essential things. (Dallin Cottle)

Marketing tools usually are at their best when you use them with velocity. Many people stop using a marketing tool 75% of the way before trying something new.

Move fast enough so that you can make use of all the techniques and adapt your marketing to keep pace with the advancement of technology and the digital landscape.

Bring your message

What’s important in the health and wellness space specifically is … your message has to be on point. You really have to know who you are talking to, because if not, you will [not] get attention. (Dallin Cottle)

In the health and wellness industry, you need to be sure to:

  1. Bring your message to your social media table: if your message is not loud and clear, you will get lost in the noise and hustle of Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Put out a lot of great content. Put out so much content that people cannot help but see it. You will not scare people away.
  3. As you share your content, watch to not call out the person whose pain point you are talking to. Share from your personal perspective and your story instead of making your content based solely on their issue.
You’re creating those call-to-actions and you’re also creating a space where you’re not calling them out but you’re giving them [your] valuable information. (Dallin Cottle)

Call your clients and customers to relate to you.

When should you start running ads?

Only start running ads when:

  1. You have an offer with your business that is established, and you have proven it organically.
  2. You have a lot of great content. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram do not want people to leave the platform, so they will reward you for keeping people active on their sites.
  3. You are already generating results, leads, and some income from it.

When you have all these aspects, then you are ready to start taking up paid advertising. Being ready and having basic systems like these setups will help you to make the most of investing in your paid advertising.

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