ROAR Academy

Learn How To Grow Your Business From The Experts Who’ve Done It Before

Each course will teach you step-by-step growth processes: the exact methods our seven-figure clients used to grow to 5-7x their revenue in an average of 90 days. Sound like the results you’re looking for?

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ROAR Academy

Here’s why Roar Academy is a cut above the competition

With over a decade of experience under our belts, we know what works and what doesn’t. The methods taught in Roar Academy have been tested and proven across multiple industries. Classes at Roar Academy will remove every roadblock that has stopped you from growing, and give you the fuel to light the fire beneath your business! Our proprietary methods generate millions of dollars in revenue for our clients -- what can Roar Academy do for yours?



Don’t sell your dog just yet. For the cost of a Roar Academy course, you get the full benefits of our instruction, plus hands-on guidance for what to do next.



We don’t just tell you WHAT to do, we show you HOW. Leave your Roar Academy courses with REAL work under your belt creating real results for YOUR business.



We built ROAR Media from the ground up, and used what we learned to build our clients’ businesses, too. Ask anyone. We’re simply the best.


The Extra Mile

We don’t just RUN ads; anyone can do that. We leverage proven strategies and tap into human psychology to fine-tune your digital marketing education.

Our Purpose

Why We Created Roar Academy

So many of our clients came to us because they didn’t know what else to do. They saw incredible results from their competitors, and felt like they were spending all their time and money doing the same things without the payoff. They felt like they were fighting a house fire with a spray bottle — but when they saw our strategies in action, their entire perspective changed. The answers were so obvious, and once they learned how to scale, our clients never looked back.

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Step 1

Find Your Magnetic Offer

Find your business’s unique selling point, the “big why” that separates you from the competition.

Step 2

Learn How to Master Content

When you optimize your business for social media, you create high-quality content that is unique to your brand.

Step 3

Start to Generate Revenue

Stop losing customers before they finish the buying journey: Use our easily-scaled strategies to build your consumer base and reach your goals.

The Big 3

What you’ll learn in Roar Academy

Distilling years of results-oriented work for our clients, we discovered three main principles that form the foundation of every successful business. Through Roar Academy, we’ll teach you what they are -- and how they relate directly to YOUR business.

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Case Study

How ROAR Academy helped Rachael grow her business

“Through ROAR Academy I have been able to get my fitness bootcamp off the ground with clients  joining continually and a clear vision on how I can scale! I could not be happier with my choice to join ROAR Academy. If you're on the fence at all, DO IT! It will be the best money you ever spend on yourself ”


Rachael W.

Owner, Crushing It Fitness & Nutrition
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